Zerust Department is in the business of developing and using environmentally beneficial material sciences to bring value added products and services to .its customers. Zerust Department’s main product line is the Zerust® line of environmentally friendly corrosion inhibiting products and services.

For the past 20 years, Zerust® business unit has grown from selling volatile or vapor corrosion inhibiting products (known in the industry as “VCI” or “VpCI”) to becoming an expert in implementing comprehensive corrosion management systems for our customers and their supply chains. This is achieved through our global on-site technical and program management offices in more than 49 countries, our 7 analytical and research labs, our global account management teams, our unique corrosion management deployment methodology known as Z-CISSM, our commitment to improving Zerust corrosion inhibiting products and our years of proven experience in the field of corrosion control management.

PT. Chemindo-NTIA is a join venture company between PT. Chemindo Interbuana and Northern Technology International Asean (NTIA), USA in Indonesia.  Our company provides comprehensive solution to corrosion problems.